The "Good soil" maker promoting project focusing on biodiversity in soil microbial community


Take notice of the "SOIL mark"!

We visualize ecological richness of agricultural soil grown by farmer's intensive effort for soil making by outstanding technology to measure diversity and activity of microbial community numerically.

Furthermore, Products grown on the "powerful soils" that have high BDVVs are proofed their right agriculture with the "SOIL mark".

To aim Win-Win-Win relation between agriculture, nature and economy

The environmentally safe agriculture is aiming sustainable and circulatable production without excess stress to natural environment surrounding agriculture. It is necessary to satisfy profitability not to end at the environmentally safe agriculture unrealistic idealism. Not to finish the farmers intensive soil-making effort in vain, please purchase the products proofed with the "SOIL mark". Purchasing is voting for the farmers who do the right agriculture. Your right purchase can change agriculture and nature of the world.

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