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A new index for right agriculture, "Soil Microbial Diversity*Vitality Value (SMDVV)"

The SMDVV is the numerical index calculated by integration of functional diversity, organic substances degradation speed, and rapidity of the ignition of the degradation in soil microbial
community tested.

This technology was developed by Dr. Kazunari Yokoyama of the independent administrative institution National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) and the researchers of Gifu, Niigata, Ishikawa, and Nagano prefecture in 2007.

The most novel point of this technology is enabling scientific evaluation of biological richness of soil that used to be almost impossible.

Method of the SMDVV measurement

Soil suspension diluted with the phosphate buffer solution (pH 7.0) is delivered into 96 small wells containing 95 different carbon sources on plastic plate (GN2 microplate provided by the BIOLOG inc. USA), and is incubated under 25 C darkness condition.

During 48 hours incubation, fully automatic laboratory robot, the OMNILOG-PM provided by the BIOLOG inc. bserves optically with the CCD imaging device every 15 minutes in its incubator box, and converts the coloring level of the soil suspension of each well to numerical index showing intensity of degrading reaction in each carbon
source by the soil microbial community.

Different soil microbe has different pattern in the carbon source utilization activity, various and densely colored well, therefore, means that the soil suspension tested has highly diverse, active, and balanced (less inhibition in carbon source utilization activity among each component) microbial community.

The SMDVV can be an index integrating the biological diversity, strength of degradation reaction, and balance of conformation of soil microbial community functionally.

International patent pending No. PCT/JP2010/051329
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